What is ManageMowed?

ManageMowed is a fresh approach to landscaping for businesses. We apply high integrity, professionalism and community engagement to our model. With ManageMowed, you do not own the equipment. You do not perform the service. All you do is develop strong relationships with your clients and your vendors. We even provide you with leads.

Why ManageMowed?

Our franchisees choose ManageMowed for a variety of reasons. What sets us apart is our people, culture and business model.

  • We focus on maintaining a work-life balance. So there is no need for Franchisees to work more than the standard work day.
  • Our franchisees own a business for themselves but not by themselves. We have a great team of people who train and support Franchisees along the way.
  • This business is extremely rewarding - we gets wins often. We get stuff done and also have fun!

Do I need to quit my job to own a ManageMowed franchise?

No. ManageMowed can be run as a semi absentee owner model.  You will need to hire an Account Manager to do your sales and marketing. As a semi absentee owner you will be managing your account manager(s).

What type of career background do I need to have to succeed with ManageMowed?

Our franchisees come with a wide range of industries, including entrepreneurship, sales management, Engineering and manufacturing to name a few. That’s the beauty of owning a commercial landscaping franchisee – individuals from all industries and career backgrounds can succeed with our already proven-to-work systems in place

What does a successful ManageMowed franchisee look like?

All our franchisees are

  • hard-working
  • accountable
  • willing to follow proven systems and;
  • have articulate communication skills, a backbone and grit.

They enjoy serving their clients and take responsibility for getting the work done. They are enthusiastic and have the ability to sell superior quality services, develop quality relationships and have high standards of excellence with a focus on results and drive to provide the best customer service to their clients.

What kind of training and support will I receive?

ManageMowed offers an onboarding training plan that includes online training to prepare franchisees for a one week in-person hands-on training in Edmonds, WA. This is followed by one week of training at your location facilitated by a Business Performance Coach and a team of specialists. Once launched, our support team will be available for any kind of support through emails, call or text and promise to respond within 5 minutes or less.

Do I need to have landscaping experience to own a ManageMowed franchise?

Absolutely not! In fact, we actually think it helps to NOT have any landscaping experience. We help you set up your franchisee through our training and support in operations, marketing and technology. What we do require is self-motivation, constant communication and a passion for serving your clients.

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