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Introducing Alex McCoy, Your ManageMowed Account Manager

Alex is excited to serve businesses throughout the unique and picturesque Boulder area. Her goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, make sure they have a smooth ride from start to finish, build long lasting professional relationships, and help make client's imaginations a reality.

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Introducing Matthew Cook

Matt is excited to serve businesses throughout the unique, picturesque Edmonds area. His goal is to contribute positive leadership and help professionalize the landscaping segment of the Green Industry. Matt strives to always provide both his clients and team with the best possible landscaping experience.

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ManageMowed Is

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A Fresh
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Landscape Maintenance

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Shrub and Tree Maintenance
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Irrigation Inspection
We want your landscaping to be the first thing your clients notice. A freshly edged and maintained lawn, clean beds and pruned trees make a world of difference compared to a poorly up kept property as it creates an inviting feel. Our standard scope of work includes lawn care (mowing, and edging), trees, shrubs and ground cover maintenance (pruning and weed control), as well as general maintenance(leaf removal and blowing hard surfaces). We also perform irrigation inspections, to diagnose any problems. Rest assured that your property is in good hands, as your designated Account Manager does monthly quality control checks to make sure your property is looking its best.
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Site Assessments

  • Improve Building Security
  • Pest Control
  • Prevent Water Damage
  • Prevent Customer Accident
  • Improve Visibility
  • Improve Curb Appeal
An account representative will visit the property and do a thorough inspection and site assessment. They will look at aspects regarding safety, security, property preservation and improve curb appeal. We will send you the site assessment, create some recommendations and develop a maintenance plan suitable for your property.  
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  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Spring/Fall Cleanup
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Fertilization; Bark/Mulch
  • High Tree Trimming
  • Fallen Trees/Limbs Removal
Based on the time of year and needs of your property, our designated Account Managers can help suggest enhancements for your property including seasonal color, bark install, or cleanups. We proactively bring property enhancements to your attention during each quality control check. Did a recent windstorm take down tree limbs? We can help with that. Do you have a broken irrigation system? Our experts can help get it up and running again.
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Seasonal Services

  • Snow Plowing and Removal
  • Deicing and Ice Control
Make sure your property is safe by utilizing our snow services.  Our experts provide snowplowing and removal services, with different snowfall triggers, as well as deicing and ice control to make sure your property is safe for your clients. Contact your local Account Manager today to make sure you have your property covered before temperatures start to drop.   
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What They Say About Us

"ManageMowed Landscape Management not only provides premiere landscaping management and maintenance services, but as a company, have also committed themselves to serving teens in the area as volunteers in YMCA Teen Programs. Thank you so much for your time and financial giving to see lives reached as we partner to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities."